Saturday, October 2, 2010

Process of a Lil' Minx

This Lil' minx was completed a while ago, and was entered in 3x3 as part of a series. Ideas of Goddess mythology and how these female archetypes are embodied within modern contexts interest me. 'Lilith' - the bad girl of biblical mythology who would not 'lie under any man' has been documented from process to finish. I was particularly inspired by the palette and other edgy gothic elements of Olaf Hajek's portrait of Fiona Apple.

Re process images: Have to make a mental note not to show process pictures, as the roughs are often open to weird critiques that really throw me - eg:
Brother-in-law: "Hey Laura, I like the picture of the sexy chic on the hot-dog"
Me: "It's not a hot-dog. It's a saddle"
Brother-in-law: "OK. I really think you should change it to a hot dog"

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