Saturday, October 2, 2010

Untold Stories: 9x5 Exhibition

Called the "9x5" in reference to an Australian Impressionists exhibition in 1889, the good people at Illustrators Australia have just held a very successful show in Melbourne. Held annually, this years theme was 'Untold Stories', and now makes its way up to Brisbane for the first time in October, opening on 6pm Monday the 11th @ Design College Australia, 200 Barry Pde, Brisbane.

This year my work 'Blossoming' depicts the untold secrets of a young girls growth to womanhood. Looks like she will remain a virgin too, with no 'sale' like all other years. Oh well...cheer up little lass...there's plenty of time.

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  1. Lovely work! Always nice to come across a fellow artistic Melbournian :)